Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Muito Obrigado Fernanda!

By Stanley Collymore

To all those who already and gratefully know you as well
as others who’ve only just recently had the fortunate
pleasure of meeting you and were themselves
likewise and generously afforded that
selfsame opportunity of personally
getting to know you too, one
must truthfully say that in every conceivable way
you’re a most truly amazing person Fernanda;
and among your numerous and notably
praiseworthy characteristics deeply
embedded, it must be honestly
said, in this remarkably
impressive assemblage of highly commendable
acclamations spontaneously and quite deservingly
showered upon you and, significantly, not at
all in the very least difficult to understand
why or jointly find, that compassion,
selflessness and the instinctive and
caring attribute you possess for
helping others readily come
to mind. And for which I
personally would very
much like to sincerely
say: “Muito obrigado
minha querida

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 May 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Many ordinary members of the general public would I imagine, comfortably concur that one of the greatest misnomers in contemporary English is the oft-used and exceedingly dishonest terminology Customer Service that in practical terms typically means very little at all or else takes no serious regard, either from an empathetic perspective or in any other sense for that matter, of customers as relevant people or their interests generally as important matters desirous of genuine concern let alone are earnestly regarded as issues demanding satisfactory conclusions to what sparked whatever unfortunate matter occurred in the first place; as well as nothing that in the remotest sense of the etymological definition of the term service has any direct bearing whatsoever or material relevance to that word.

States of affairs that ordinary shoppers and customers across our country, the UK, have rather stoically conditioned themselves to and, in the usual course of events, either unquestioningly or else left unchallenged tend to acknowledge.

So effectively to startlingly come across someone who is so entirely the opposite of all these things and, what’s more, is diametrically opposed herself to this appallingly flawed notion of Customer Service and in fact vigorously goes out of her way at every turn to remedy it is truthfully remarkable indeed, and consequently needs to be unreservedly celebrated. Hence this poem in appreciative tribute to one such individual doing her level best not only to buck what’s undeniably a tarnished system and authentically deliver what she’s actually employed to do, but is equally enthusiastically prepared to go that extra distance to ensure that even if the customer isn’t always right they nevertheless do have rights! And to that end: “Muito Obrigado Fernanda!” – Many Thanks Fernanda!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Scottish National Anthem Lyrics

Arise, New Scotland! Your Time Has Come.

By Stanley Collymore

Determination garlanded with basic commonsense
and an acutely perceptive awareness of what
you want for your beloved country,
Scotland; redeemable and conspicuously
praiseworthy characteristics that are
themselves encased in a strikingly
compassionate and fulsomely
appreciative understanding
of the genuine and quite
deserving needs
of ordinary

Indispensible requisites of true
leadership qualities that you, Nicola
Sturgeon possess in lavish abundance
and were formulated in the stark,
markedly and demonstrably
unforgiving cauldron of
reality and afterwards
fashioned into tangible
form by the decisive
hammer blows of
conceived of

For your vision, Nicola is Scotland’s future; and
not even the most concerted and dinosaurian
approach to the contrary, liberally fanned
by vitriolic short-sightedness and hate
can ever neutralize or negate the
inevitable: New Scotland’s
emergence as a vibrant,
socially-caring, conspicuously
and, significantly too, a
fully sovereign and

One that’s very much in lieu of the customarily
oft-forgotten and vassal entity that for far
too long has consistently been the
case in living memory. An
absolute disgrace,
but all the same one that the ruling, privileged
Etonians and their like-minded Westminster
ilk would none the less very much like
for this terribly demeaning and
illegitimate status quo to
permanently remain. But by
the grace of God and true
Scottish endeavour –
Never! And most
categorically not
in Scotland’s

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 May 2015.

Author’s comments:
Using the analogy of human liaisons as a yardstick here, billions of people globally routinely indulge in a plethora of relationships of a strictly personal nature that can and invariably do vary both in character and their intensity some of which are distinctly coerced, in which case the actual participants are either culturally or societally literally compelled to behave as they’re told or expected to and accordingly meekly acquiesce to the demands made on them – forced, dynastic and royal engagements-cum-marriages readily come to mind in such cases; while on the other hand there’s a multiplicity of other private relationships that are themselves and to varying degrees voluntarily engaged in for a diversity of personal reasons.

But whether these relationships are either freely or coercively embarked upon it doesn’t necessarily follow that because they happened that all, or even a significant number of them, are what one might proverbially classify as matches made in Heaven or, for that matter, that even if they were initially and perhaps genuinely assumed by all concerned that that was the case that that sincere assumption would continue to stay unaffected and would necessarily remain so; or that the status quo ante would both satisfactorily and enduringly stay constant and perpetually in place for those who’re directly involved.

That’s why divorces were conceived in the first place and therefore naturally, and completely understandably, legally formalized to sensibly and practically enable as well as to ensure that all those who felt themselves either physically trapped, personally unfulfilled, unexpectedly and rather despairingly plunged into intellectual stagnation or perhaps enforced penury as a direct consequence of their involvement in such a relationship, especially if this occurrence essentially came about though no fault of theirs, and at the same time are haplessly forced to witness their once expectant aspirations and spirited ambitions, when their physical union was joyously and optimistically constructed and confidently celebrated, now alas despondently wither away and, in the process, with them virtually powerless to successfully influence far less remedy the tangled situation they’re now in and badly want to be rid of; not unnaturally, given those aforesaid circumstances, generally opt to have that said union legally dissolved.

A state of affairs neither wholly nor even exclusively restricted just to married couples or those in conventional partnership arrangements who opt to separate when the going either gets tough or the relationship itself is no longer beneficial or realistic in any meaningful sense. And it’s not just human beings that indulge in such conduct, businesses and even major corporate entities do the same, as indeed countries – the former Czechoslovakia, unitary Sudan and the federation of Malaysia and Singapore being just three examples of several more; so why not Scotland relative to its unitary situation with the rest of the United Kingdom if that is the unquestionable desire of the Scottish nation? Which is exactly what Scotland is in its own right!

And all the makeshift, completely dishonest and disingenuously lame excuses being mooted by the privileged, and totally out of touch with reality, Westminster brigade and their self-serving ilk are as I see it just that. Justification for them to vaingloriously continue to strut around, albeit obsequiously on the United States’ behalf, as if Britain were still an imperialistic power that had any real influence, as it once did, in this world. Additionally too for the United Kingdom as it is presently to carry on having a permanent seat in the post World War II created, unrepresentative, manifestly unaccountable, except to its constituent member states, and so-called United Nations Security Council.

A presence that neither Britain nor France would have if the UNSC were truly constituted on authentic democratic principles rather than post World War II conveniences; and were Scotland to vacate the United Kingdom, and those ensconced in their Westminster bubble know this perfectly well, the practicability of a rump Britannia, rationally untenable as it already is with a full United Kingdom in situ, would immediately, and globally as well, become even more unsustainable and unpardonable with Scotland’s exit from the United Kingdom; and of course that’s exactly the very last thing in this world that the imperialist and colonialist cliques in their overwhelmingly phobic and unquestionable delusional state of white supremacist exceptionalism throughout Westminster and across England per se would ever want.

So English leaders having Scotland stay in the United Kingdom has everything to do with global pretence on their part and bugger all to do with the genuine and pressing needs of the Scottish people or their beloved Scotland. And all the publicly aired blandishments of David Cameron, his Conservatives and every leader of the other political parties south of the Scottish border are not only false promises but likewise can be equated to the actions of a serial adulterer who thinks that spouting fancy words, offering to change their mode of behaviour, when privately they have not the slightest intention of doing so, and conning their spouse or partner to stay in a physically bruising or psychologically harmful relationship through the bribery of unexpected gifts whenever that spouse or partner looks set to leave, is plausibly more of what Scotland and its people, in my opinion, can expect if they opt to carry on staying in the United Kingdom.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Tribute to a truly iconic figure and musical legend B.B. King

By Stanley Collymore

Tremendous thanks B.B. King for your massive contribution to Black music generally and the Blues in particular. And as you depart this world at the end of a very productive and thoroughly rewarding life and, additionally, from an earthly audience hugely grateful and affectionately appreciative for all the immense pleasure and creative entertainment you’ve recurrently brought us from that amazingly genius musical repertoire of yours, I’m absolutely certain that our sad loss will be a phenomenal gain for that truly fortunate, and deservingly so, Celestial audience awaiting your celebrated arrival into their midst in the next world and, in the process, doing so with immeasurable anticipation and enormous joy.

So God bless, Great one; eternal rest and peace to you! And, once again, my personal thanks to you together with my unremitting gratitude as well for everything you did and honourably represented in relation to this truly great race of ours to which you always proudly belonged, as well as the rest of human kind that recognized your genius and warmly took you into their hearts.

Finally, B.B. King, my deepest and sincerest condolences to your surviving family members, closest friends and work colleagues at this moment in time and in their quite understandable, and empathetically shared by the rest of us who loved you and always will, occasion of grief.

Farewell my Good Man, as Guardian Angels devotedly escort you to your Heavenly Home!