Friday, 1 August 2014

Europe’s 20th Century Yiddish genocide is wholly meaningless without a definitive 21st Century Final Solution follow up!

By Stanley Collymore

“The rights of Palestinians, and even their children, are wholesale denied and it’s appalling.” The words of Chris Gunness, a British United Nations official in Gaza.

David Axelrod Barack Obama’s Yiddish-American campaign strategist hired by Ed Miliband the labour Party Leader who’s hoping to displace David Cameron as Britain’s next Prime Minister after the 2015 British General Elections, has advised Ed not to mention or speak about Gaza or the ethnic slaughter that the Israelis are carrying out there against the perfidious backdrop of the west’s general indifference on the part of its political leadership and that of its media to what’s happening in that besieged and open air concentration camp; and Ed Miliband has happily bought into and cynically gone along with that odious mindset. But he would, wouldn’t he? As Ed Miliband shares the identical point of view to and completely empathizes with these Zionist mass murderers in what they call Israel, so David Axelrod in asking him to behave as he’s doing was affectively knocking at an open door.

What a pity then that my Dad, other relatives, their friends, close relations and millions more like them from around the world and what was then called the British Empire who fought and sacrificed their lives, many of them, to liberate Europe from the ravages of rampant Nazism and fascism, saving in the process many European Judaists from the ravaging clutches of Europe’s holocaust and the Final Solution that was prescript as their ultimate destiny by the Third Reich, the Waffen-SS brigades of the Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Holland, Belgium, France, Greece, Poland and Italy, virtually the whole of mainland Europe then and including those countries that professed rather disingenuously their neutrality like Sweden, Spain, Ireland and Switzerland for example; together with Das britische Freikorps – comprised exclusively of white Caucasian Nazi volunteers from Britain, Ireland and the white British Dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand along with literally tens of thousands of South African Afrikaner-Boers who apart from serving in the German Wehrmacht also had their own Waffen-SS brigades, didn’t adopt the same callous mindset at that time towards Europe’s Jews per se as that which Ed Miliband and his brother David in tandem with David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Ian Duncan Smith, William Hague and significant numbers of those on the front benches of all the major parties and throughout both houses of the British Parliament have towards the Palestinians.

For if thee so-called “colonials” but nevertheless British Armed Forces volunteers with the RAF, Navy, Army; on convoy duty that protected the supply ships, on which many of these people also served, from the lethal destructive force of the German U-Boats and valiantly prevented the people of Britain from starving, together with their Black, rather grotesquely segregated against but all the same highly courageous American counterparts who admirably distinguished themselves on the battlefields of Europe and in the skies as well as the genuinely iconic Tuskegee Airmen did, had at that time done the same by adopting the identical attitude towards Europe’s Jews as their Yiddish descendants are promulgating in 2014 relative to the present day Palestinians not only being ethnically cleansed by these European foreigners from their ancestral homeland, Palestine but exterminated as well, neither Ed nor his brother David - also with obsessive aspirations to becoming Prime Minister of Britain – would be here among the living.

Since their Jewish parents who’d quite apprehensively but most distinctly fled their mainland European homeland from white Caucasian, the very same ethnic race that they were a part of and not Palestinian Nazi persecution, as nothing of the sort existed, together with a comparable white murderous onslaught against their co-religionists on mainland Europe to Britain to which they had no links at all, and very much unlike Blacks and other non-white British “colonialists” hadn’t previously made any input – the Milibands and several others like them I’m referring to here – to the development of England or the rest of the United Kingdom come to that, but even so were compassionately given asylum with the attendant permission to remain and live in the UK, where Ed and his elder brother were both born. But had this not happened as did occur to thousands of other European Jews who were summarily turned away in their desperate bid for asylum in the United States – not even permitted to disembark from the totally crammed ships that carried them there or at any ports in Puerto Rico – on the direct and specific orders of the then US Secretary of State Cordell Hull, forcibly returned to Europe and predictably ended up in the gas chambers there; the same fate would have awaited the Milibands and the parents of Michael Howard as well if Britain hadn’t let them in.

Needless to say, but I will none the less to emphasize my point, neither Ed nor David Miliband or Michael Howard – all of whom are stridently pro-Zionist and unapologetically racist in their attitudes – wouldn’t have seen the light of day, as frankly with their respective parents duly and contemptuously dispatched of in some God-forsaken European Nazi death camp or other, they couldn’t nor would they have been born. Worst luck I say, given their individual and collective attitudes; not just for the Palestinian people but equally as well anyone with even a modicum of personal integrity and who calls themselves a human being, something that quite noticeably the Miliband brothers, Michael Howard and their exceptionalist sort don’t remotely impress me for my part that they qualify for.

So what gratitude then from them, eh? What absolutely amazing compassion for and complete empathy – I think not – on their part with the oppressed and most specifically the Palestinians who’re also being genocidially in 2014 being ruthlessly subjected to their Final Solution at the hands of all people Europe’s Judaists. No such sympathy of the kind which they expressly and quite automatically expect and even exclusively demand for their kind in relation to Europe’s holocaust, let alone an iota of understanding meted out by these Yiddish Brits and their similar loathsome ilk whose perverse obsession with obdurately wanting to garner the whole of ancient Palestine solely for them and their own kind, nevertheless equally and rather sickeningly have no compunction whatsoever, as do their likeminded counterparts in the United States, Canada, Australia and Argentina for example, in wresting from others who also live there, and that also includes the indigenous populations of these countries and regions that but for the grace of God wouldn’t still exist.

Although it’s quite knowledgeable that in Tasmania and Argentina they don’t anymore having genocidially been completely wiped out by the white Caucasian and immigrant interlopers that barbarically replaced them and brutally stole their lands from them; an utterly unflinching and comprehensively dominant and ascendant control: politically, economically, militarily as well as socially in all those said countries other than, of course, their obsessively coveted Palestine where ironically these Yiddish Zionist Judaists choose to live, notwithstanding their concerted and arrant stupidity that Zionist appropriated Palestine according to them and also appreciably buttressed by their sick convention, must for all time and exclusively so remain a fully fledged Yiddish and Judaist state.

Which prompts the very obvious and rather pertinent question, at least to questioning folk like me, “Why the hell then are these conspicuously demented, extremely obsessive and completely obstreperous Jewish-homelanders not only living of their own volition in the countries of other people but acutely overbearingly in the process quite puzzlingly too insist on controlling these lands and the other residents there? Why not logically instead piss off en masse, all those with that exclusivist Jewish-homelander mindset in relation to Palestine, to that Yiddish El Dorado they have firmly imbued within their minds. And that should include not only the usual Zionist suspects but characteristically in Britain’s case as well the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a most insidious and cancerous entity in our midst if ever there was one, and a strident progenitor and aggressive instigator together with being a vigorous encourager and a tremendously active facilitator of this altogether asinine, perniciously evil and, of course, exceptionalist charade that they and the rest of their sort arrogantly indulge in.

As I’m absolutely convinced that with all of them permanently gone, and not just from Britain or the United States alone but from wherever they are now, the genuine global community could and would then most certainly be in a genuinely excellent position – minus the current, importunate, all-pervasive, absolutely tiresome and categorically destructive interferences in matters of all kinds from these Yiddish Zionists, and notably from the perspective of their host populations who’d no longer find themselves unjustly, intolerably and burdensomely saddled with this Yiddish yoke that they’ve been carrying now for far too long, be both willing and also able I feel to reciprocally make long-term, discernibly constructive and completely unfettered arrangements for the permanent and extensive good of a Palestinian nation that for in excess of seven decades now has quite savagely and systematically been displaced from its historic and ancestral homeland by these thoroughly barbaric, Khazar-descended, utterly inhuman, white Caucasian and Zionist European Judaists.

Ethnic cleansing of western ensconced and white Judaists I hear some of you say? Well if you either don’t know or simply haven’t cared about what has consistently been done to the people of Palestine particularly since the cessation of World War II and is currently still going on, then to put it rather bluntly you’re in no moral position to adversely comment let alone criticize any relevant measures, regardless of how drastic these are, to not only alleviate but also and most crucially permanently eradicate the sickeningly ongoing and perilous plight that a shamefully battered, despondent and seemingly universally marginalized, most certainly here in the west, Palestinian Diaspora is forced to recurrently have to endure. And therefore if you can neither recognize nor empathize with any of that and wish for it to drastically change for them and in the process provide a much better future in every respect for all of the Palestinian people, then as far as I’m concerned you’ll be doing not only the Palestinians but every other decent human being as well – of which you’re evidently not one – a huge favour by keeping your bigoted and sick opinions to yourself. Or in blunt terms bloody well shut up!

But sure enough the Miliband brothers, David Cameron, Michael Howard, Michael Fabricant, Boris Johnson  and the rest of their Yiddish Zionist lot who also control our banking and other financial sectors – why is that no surprise to anyone I wonder? – and just as significantly our media and cinematic industries – or more fittingly to describe them and their specific raison d’être as the hardcore propaganda dispensers and assiduous public manipulators that they are – the likes of the commercial corporate media notoriously those in the stables of arch-Zionist and the consummate opportunist Rupert Murdoch alongside our own and shamelessly sycophantic to the political establishment-sectors elite, state owned and statutory, public compulsorily paid for BBC, don’t see any contradiction at all in this foul and sadistic behaviour of theirs.

And to these ends the irrepressible, control-freakism and totally unyielding obsession not only on the part of the Miliband brothers but other Yiddish Judaists as well to ultimately become the Prime Minister of Britain for example, or else get the opportunity to hold down other powerful and very influential offices within the United Kingdom - a situation noticeably matched by the same preoccupation among their ilk throughout other countries across the western hemisphere and even to some extent in Russia and several of the former Soviet Union entities, just check out for yourself who they are and what the religious affiliations, however tenuous these might be, and the associated political ideologies of these thieving oligarchs are – markedly outweigh everything else as far as they’re either individually or collectively concerned, except of course for their total and unquestioning obeisance to their one and almighty God – not Yahweh as one might expect or as they cynically, quite self-servingly and with breathtaking mendacity rather religiously make out to be the case among the entirely gullible, utter naïve or downright stupid, but MONEY!

The incandescent fury from these pertinaciously feral and detrital specimens of humanity of the likes of Michael Howard, Michael Fabricant, the constituent members of the Board of Deputies of British Jews among numerous others of their sort in Britain, across the Atlantic in the United States like the abhorrent Koch brothers, John Kerry and that absolutely inhuman and detestable bitch Madeleine Albright, and in France and right the way through the rest of mainland Europe comparable sewer rats like Nicolas Sarkozy will be most thunderous and even quite palpable I suspect with vociferous denunciations of these transparently true remarks nevertheless coming thick and fast not only from them but also their venal Christian supporters of the likes of mass murderer and patently unremorseful war criminal Tony Blair, William Hague, Nick Clegg and Hillary Clinton that these Yiddish-Judaists and Zionists are citizens of the respective countries where they’re located.

Quite true and I for one don’t deny them that; but then so too are Blacks and other non-white residents of Britain, the United States of America, Canada, France and the rest of the EU and, in every legitimate and ethical sense, the Palestinians in relation to their ancient and ancestral homeland Palestine; and equally so as the Aborigines of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand, the Native Americans and, of course, the First Nation people of Canada are in respect of their similarly ancient but brutally dispossessed from them respective homelands.

So where’s the logic or commonsense then that while it’s perfectly alright for white Caucasian, Khazar-descended, Yiddish Judaists to freely assert and additionally consolidate that conceited assertion into practical terms by means of the most brutal manner psychologically, itself quite viciously and murderously backed up by an equally unrelenting and savage genociodal crusade against the Palestinian people; a concerted onslaught that’s barbarically and uncompromisingly waged through a massively conducted and noticeably disproportionate state of the art military warfare and ethnic cleansing that’s self-evidently carried out on an asymmetrical scale against what are essentially hapless Palestinians and what resistance they can muster or put up against these barbarities unleashed on them, and all this murderously affected by the white Caucasian interlopers and their categorical western supporters to wrest completely all of historic Palestine from its rightful owners and deliver it to these Khazar Judaists; yet notwithstanding all of this these utterly crazy, Khazar-descended, self-delusional Semites, Europe holocaust, Stockholm Syndrome afflicted Judaists none the less unquestionably believe that they’ve got not only the lawful right to reside in but also rule and literally control in the process those western countries and others that they live in.

And as if that isn’t already enough on its own account are similarly of the absolutely perverse and sickening mindset adhered to and promulgated by Yiddish scum like Michael Howard and David Cameron – remember that racist campaign of theirs when these two clowns specifically and the Conservative party collectively were endeavouring to get Michael Howard: then leader of the Conservative Party and who unopposed had become leader when Ian Duncan Smith an abysmal failure at whatever he does except for marrying into money was kicked out from that position by the Conservative Party’s rank and file in a vote of no confidence in him, elected as Britain’s Prime Minister in the General Election of 2005 that thankfully this loathsome Yiddish bastard, Michael Howard eventually lost?

Succinct and virulently racist but equally unambiguously and insidiously menacing to Britain’s Black and other non-white citizens was Michael Howard and David Cameron’s – Cameron was Howard’s General Election campaign manager and strategist at the time and also the author of the Conservative Party’s national election slogan: “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” A vilification and denunciation of Britain’s Black and other non-white citizenry coming straight out of The Third Reich’s genocidal playbook relative to their targeted victims and summarized in the infamous words: “Arbeit macht frei.”

So here we had David Cameron’s instigated and Michael Howard and his Conservative Party’s full endorsement of that notoriously bigoted 2005 General Election campaign slogan of theirs, principally from two white Caucasian Jews and significantly supported by many more of their ilk across the British political parties, at the BBC and within the commercial corporate media, as well as major British businesses like Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury and Burberry all of whom had this identical Third Reich-Nazi, white Master race ideology that they were avidly peddling and promoting in 2005 and still are in 2014. Yet had it not been for the altruistic and valiant contribution from those Blacks and other non-whites who appreciably helped to stymie the Germans and their Axis allies’ full implementation of their exceptionally well coordinated Final Solution programme but whose contemporary descendants these abovementioned, white racist Brits would now in the 21st century like to systematically and entirely eradicate from the face of Britain, none of these despicable Yiddish bastards – practising Judaists or not – would themselves be around today. And why am I not surprised that irony is lost on these disgusting scumbags?

For if these Yiddish Nazi-Zionists who run the UK have their way the likes of Diane Abbott - who I shall most definitely be returning to later - Linford Christie, Tessa Sanderson, Brendon Batson, Lenny Henry, Lee Jasper, Viv Anderson, Colin Jackson, Rudolph Walker, Paul Ince or Benjamin Zephaniah regardless of what contributions they’ve made or are currently making to Britain and who anyhow are already considered by this odious Yiddish lot as not being British and therefore according to them have they neither have any right to be nor any business living in Britain, would either be forcibly kicked out of the country or else summarily eradicated by whatever means their persecutors saw fit from what is both lawfully and morally their country. But such legal considerations or moral niceties don’t ever come into the equation with the likes of David Cameron, Michael Howard, Nick Clegg, Michael Fabricant, the Miliband brothers or Boris Johnson to name just a few of these abhorrent bastards who regrettably infest the United Kingdom.

Diane Abbott: Unmistakably Black, born in England and a graduate of Newham College at the University of Cambridge having before that attended and graduated from the grammar school she went to as schoolgirl, became Britain’s first black female MP when she was elected to the House of Commons on the 11 June 1987 by the voters in the constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington to be their parliamentary representative; doing so as the party candidate and a member of the British Labour Party of which she then and still is a member.

Throughout her parliamentary career Diane Abbott was constantly overlooked – curiously so because it can’t be attributed to her lack of proven intellectual acumen or political ability – for ministerial or Cabinet office when the labour party was in government and similarly so for a front bench shadow ministerial post when the Labour party was in opposition as it currently is. No such impediments though for Yiddish brothers David and Ed Miliband who’ve both held a number of prominent ministerial offices under neo-con PM, Tony Blair and Gordon brown and likewise shadow ministerial and front bench positions in the House of Commons when Labour at the 2010 General Election lost its position as the ruling party to the opportunistically forged Con-Dem alliance that brought the current regime of David Cameron’s Conservatives and Nick Clegg’s Liberal democrats to power as the new government of Britain.

This notwithstanding the quite glaring facts that David Miliband was first elected to the House of Commons as MP for South Shields on the 7 June 2001 and left on the 15 April 2013 when his hubris of rather arrogantly assuming that he would as of right become the next leader of the Labour Party after Gordon Brown’s humiliating defeat as PM in the 2010 General Election and him immediately stepping down as Labour leader was significantly damaged by his extremely unfancied and younger brother Ed pipping him at the post to snatch the coveted Labour Party’s leadership from him. Noticeably humiliated and like his Yiddish lot incapable of facing defeat gracefully, even when it has been markedly brought about in a democratic exercise, David in a huff broke off communications with his brother Ed, refused a shadow ministerial position from him, quit parliament in a tantrum and pissed off to the United States to lick his wounds and get solace from his likeminded neo-con Nazis there.

It was quite obvious from David Miliband’s reaction – sibling rivalry aside – that he personally didn’t have any real confidence in his brother’s ability, or lack of it, to be leader of the Labour Party let alone the charisma to galvanize the party into becoming once more the government of Britain. From David’s perspective too Ed’s election as party leader was an unmitigated disaster and could only lead to the Labour Party actually being in political opposition much longer than it should, since he really couldn’t envisage his brother ever being elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Therefore, he personally wanted absolutely nothing to do with Ed’s triumph or his purported success and purposely decided to wait in the wings instead and bide his time, expecting his brother to fall flat on his face; following which an irascible and understandably acutely disappointed with Ed Labour Party’s rank and file after his predictable and inevitable defeat at the polls in the next General Elections, having furiously ditched Ed as their leader in the same way that the Conservatives had done with Ian Duncan Smith, would come running to him David to rescue them from political oblivion.

An interesting scenario that says a lot really and especially to those capable of reading between the lines. For while the Miliband brothers with governmental and shadow ministerial portfolios under their collective belts and both of whom entered parliament long after Diane Abbott did – David 14 years and Ed, who was elected as the MP for Doncaster North on the 5 May 2005, 18 years respectively – even though Ed’s own brother David undoubtedly doesn’t consider him as someone capable of effectively leading the Labour Party much less so believe that he’s suitable prime ministerial material – a view shared by many British residents and crucially the voters in all the major parties across the UK. Yet none of this has stymied the Miliband brothers chances of holding high office, or harmed their compulsive ambitions of becoming Prime Minister in a way that Diane Abbott – who I don’t for a single second perceive as being devoid of ambitions herself or for that matter is any less competent than these two Yiddish men are – would ever be given the same opportunities to satisfactorily demonstrate her capabilities, irrespective of what faith and satisfaction she collectively continues to instil in the hearts and minds of the voters of the Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency or how long they democratically choose to retain her as their Member of Parliament.

So clearly something else has to be the intentional deterrent that prohibits a thoroughly capable and longstanding MP like Dian Abbott from achieving even a modicum of the potential she has through the ranks of her chosen political party, the British Labour Party. And as it’s obviously not her gender – there are several white women that held Cabinet portfolios in previous Labour governments and continue to hold their shadow equivalent whenever Labour is in opposition as it now is – it’s clear as a pike staff on one’s nose, to me anyway, that Diane Abbot’s black race, uppermost in the minds of those doling out these positions of what are essentially patronage for the most part and has absolutely nothing to do with the usually preferred candidate’s capability or more aptly their lack of any, a situation that rests entirely with the Prime Minister of the day if it’s a Cabinet or other ministerial portfolio and the Leader of the Official Opposition if what’ is being shelled out is the shadow equivalent, is her sole handicap.

Tony Blair or Gordon Brown didn’t see fit on their part to award Diane Abbott whit a either a ministerial or Cabinet portfolio although they quite evidently had no problem accommodating white Caucasian female Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) advocates and avid apologists as senior Cabinet members in their respective regimes, a situation that Ed Miliband the current leader of the Labour Party perceptibly continues to foster with Harriet Harman a former senior Cabinet minister and a principal light as well on the Labour Party’s front bench in the House of Commons now it’s in opposition particularly in her role as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, is with her spouse Jack Dromey well known, certainly in the recent past, to have had very close links with PIE.

Then after Diane Abbott’s noticeably cosmetic bid in 2010 to be the leader of the Labour Party, an absolutely lopsided contest that featured just the two Miliband brothers and herself in which she was eliminated in the initial round of voting and in the succeeding runoff Ed Miliband with the active support of the trade unions’ block vote defeated his brother David; Diane then found herself for public consumption’s sake and to maintain the absolutely dishonest pretence by the Labour Party’s hierarchy that the Labour Party which ironically garners a staggering 99.9% of Black voters support for itself nationally across the United Kingdom is racially an all-inclusive political outfit – which it evidently isn’t but that doesn’t stop it none the less from levelling this accusation at the Conservative Party which gets minimal support from Blacks – a critical state of affairs that has vigorously provoked rank and file members of the Labour Party specifically and Black voters generally to demand United States-style primaries in all candidature election contests among those wishing to be official Labour Party candidates either at local or national level that would thus make the party more representative of and also directly accountable to its overall grassroots membership and supporters and not just see Blacks, as is currently the case, solely as foot soldiers, was after her leadership bid defeat offered and accepted the position of Shadow Minister for Public Health and with it a place for the very first time on Labour’s front bench. However there were many, me included, who saw this as just a bribe by Ed Miliband.

So good however was Diane Abbott at what she was now tasked to do, undoubtedly obtaining firsthand information from her mother who worked in the National Health Service (NHS) as a nurse, that the Daily Telegraph, which by no stretch of the imagination can be categorized as a so-called leftie newspaper and routinely is very pro-Establishment, in other words a distinctly a very conservative medium –in an objective analysis of how Diane Abbott was doing in her job stated in an article on the 27 September 2011 that she had “become one of Labour’s best front bench performers.”

Nevertheless, this didn’t appeal to the Yiddish leader of the official opposition Labour Party in the House of Commons Ed Miliband who in his capacity of Labour Party leader summarily on the 8 October 2013 sacked Diane Abbott and instantly replaced her with Luciana Berger whose sole qualification as Diane’s replacement is that Lucian Berger is as Yiddish as Ed Miliband is himself. For here is a woman just newly elected on the 6 May 2010 to parliament as the MP for Liverpool Wavertree, had bugger all experience of anything whatsoever that could remotely be termed as significant prior to that point, is conspicuously a goddam rookie in parliament, hasn’t made any perceptible impact in parliament generally, or more crucially as one would obviously have expected given the circumstances of her stellar promotion to shadow ministerial status by fellow Yiddish associate Ed Miliband; and quite frankly is someone that most British voters of all parties wouldn’t recognize in the street if they were unfortunate to came across her let alone have a bloody clue who exactly this woman is if they weren’t expressly told; and not to put too fine a point on it – which I most certainly won’t - is an appointment which distinctly leaves the ghastly taste of Yiddish nepotism in the mouth.

An appointment that obviously has all the senseless hallmarks about it as if a new recruit to the Royal Air Force who’d enlisted into the ranks, had no previous military experience or training, not even in the cadets, was nevertheless even before he or she had properly finished their basic training was all the same invited by the Air Chief Marshall of the RAF to be Group Captain at the local RAF base which that person was stationed at. Nothing so completely irrational would happen of course but I’ve nevertheless used this obviously outlandish example to demonstrate how absolutely farcical Luciana Berger’s appoint was and still is. No such inadequacies though can justly be levelled at Diane Abbott. But hey what the hell, as I said earlier and still maintain all that actually mattered to Ed Miliband relative to this woman Luciana Berger is that like him she’s Yiddish, and rancid nepotism, even of the incestuous kind, is intensely embedded in their DNA. And reverting to the military analogy I touched on previously, while these collectives of Yiddish bastards eschew putting themselves on the line in the defence of Britain as those of my kind and other non-whites characteristically do they’ve no compunction at all in being desirous of running this here United Kingdom and conceitedly controlling the lives of the rest of us who live in it; and while I don’t claim to speak for anyone else apart from myself that is a scenario I personally take great exception to!

However, notwithstanding this transparently compulsive urge of the Yiddish folk in our midst to run Britain and control the lives of the rest of us who live and belong here, this Yiddish lot just because of who they are and irrespective of where they come from automatically, whether they request it or not, are deemed by that racist, apartheid and Zionist entity in the Middle East and commonly referred to as Israel to be its lawful citizens. And it makes no difference at all if these alleged citizens ever set foot in Israel or plan on ever going there to live. So Ed Miliband, Luciana Berger – most definitely a German Surname if ever there was one, and how ironically so – David Cameron, Boris Johnson et al are as per this specifically twisted mindset bona fide citizens of Israel; and while most people do understand the commonsensical and legal concept of dual nationality this is clearly not one of those cases. And just endeavour to imagine what a furore there would be from these same people if South Africa whose white Caucasian, Jewish population is 0.137% compared to Britain’s that stands at 0.49% were to immediately rescind the citizenship of all these Judaists along with that of other white Caucasians living or entitled to live there and start giving South African citizenship only to persons whose skin colour was distinctly BLACK.

But while Ed Miliband, Luciana Berger and others of their Yiddish ilk in the Labour Party as well as throughout the Conservative and the Lib-Dem parties can brazenly thwart the political ambitions genuinely talented Black British citizens whose numbers comprise 3.5% of the total British population compared to 0.459% of all Yiddish Judaists resident in Britain and moreover expect to run the UK, control the lives of all those who live in it yet have the luxury as well as automatic citizens of Israel to either piss off and live there whenever it suits them or they want to, or even more appallingly take to using their nepotistically enshrined political and economic power and power bases here within the UK and other countries in the west, notoriously the US, France and Germany – how bloody ironic a situation can one really conjure up bearing in mind these particular countries notorious and well-documented roles in and their responsibility for at varying times in Europe’s holocaust, the Zyklon B gas for example that was widely used in the Nazi death camps throughout Europe was both manufactured in and sold to the Third Reich by the United States – to characteristically and genocidally wipe out the Palestinians who, just like Diane Abbott wouldn’t be, don’t qualify automatically or otherwise for Israeli citizenship, is a situation I feel that every right thinking, conscionable and moral person either independently or collectively with likeminded persons must unrelentingly confront, fight against and with every means at their disposal, and that must include violence, ultimate destroy. For it’s quite evident that the only language these murderous Yiddish thugs masquerading as civilized human beings understand is what they themselves practise to those whom they unwarrantedly despise.

Notwithstanding the lying, white racist propaganda to the contrary however, Blacks have been in Britain continuously since the days of Roman Britain. At that time they comprised not only the Roman military but were also Britain’s Roman administrators and aristocracy; and all this when the only white residents in Britain were the Celts whose own ancestors incidentally were similarly African. Please, don’t take my word for it just go and check it out for yourselves. For these Celts having migrated from Africa to the Iberian Peninsular and afterwards through what we know today as France eventually crossed over the land bridge that physically joined Britain to mainland Europe – there was distinctly no English Channel then nor was Britain an island as it is now – and decided to settle on our green and pleasant land.

How did these Celts essentially end up becoming “white” in complexion? Pretty simple really, since it’s not rocket science to work that out. Centuries’ long migration, as their journey to the British Isles didn’t happen in a few hours or even a couple of days – no BA or Easy Jet to ferry them there then I’m afraid – together with reciprocally dwelling among, marrying of course or merely just sexually fraternizing with the local, white continental Caucasians whom they came across on their stopovers – not that different I suspect, and can back up with clear-cut evidence as well, from quite a lot of you gallivanting off to Spain, Tunisia, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, the Dominican Republic or the rest of the Caribbean Islands and having it off there as well with the locals. But while you clearly have the benefit of the contraceptive pill, the condom or even the morning after pill these migrating Celts didn’t; and anyway who can say with any absolute certainty that these Celtic people or their reciprocally amorously involved local continental and white wives or partners gave a damn about getting pregnant, if they were women obviously, or for that matter putting the females whom they were likewise romantically involved with up the spout if they were men. And why should they when they were plainly behaving quite normally, enjoying themselves in the bargain, and didn’t have the same sexual hang-ups that most white Caucasian Brits customarily display at home but for some perverse reason or other ditch when they’re abroad.

Besides neither this customary intermarriage nor its associated, quite unpretentiously enjoyable and sexual fraternizing thousands of years ago mustn’t be viewed in the contemporary context of purblind racism and its ludicrously prominent, white supremacist and Master Race nonsense that in 2014 bedevils much of the west and regrettably significant sections of British society as well. For notwithstanding the aforementioned remarks there’s even now in the 21st Century and increasingly in Britain nothing specifically unusual about voluntary racial blending as there are many such relationships that I personally know of with Afro-Caribbean grandparents and even parents, some of them in my own familial Diaspora, who while incontestably Black themselves biologically have perfectly white Caucasian descendants in the form of children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. And it’s a sure bet that racial and sexual discrimination which is a relatively modern phenomenon that officially came into effect and the world’s consciousness only after the brutal induction of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and colonialism but in actuality was significantly not adhered to especially by white Caucasian males vis-à-vis black slave girls and women whom these whites “lawfully” had ownership of and with impunity could sexually abuse and often did to their hearts’ content - hence the undisputed fact that all Afro-Caribbean Blacks and considerable numbers of other Blacks across the United States specifically and the Americas generally carry within their personal DNA the white male Y chromosome – did not exist during the 500 odd years that these Black Romans were living in and ruling Britain.

Therefore logic and natural commonsense dictate that many white Britons of Celtic descent are in 2014 unknowingly for them carrying Black genes in their own DNA makeup, and since post the Roman presence in Britain these Celts have freely carried on either marrying or fraternizing sexually with immigrants to Britain from continental Europe or elsewhere that there’s bound to be, as in the case of Afro-Caribbeans carrying in their own genetic makeup the Y chromosome of white Caucasian males, a similar all pervasive situation relative to that of the Celts and their descendants corresponding to the Black DNA that they are biologically even if unknowingly so endowed with. To which end I usually allow myself a smug smile whenever I see or hear these white racist assholes who know bugger all about British history as it really was and not as their fantasies dictate talk about themselves as indigenous Brits.

To start with there were no Angles or Saxons or any Vikings etc in Britain during the extensive period of the Roman’s stay in Britain. Moreover, both the Angles and Saxons were two distinct German tribes – the Angles farmers while the Saxons were basically warriors – that hated each other’s guts and were often at loggerheads with each other. What’s more their overall impact in England where they congregated primarily in the east coast areas or thereabouts was negligible to say the least until, that is, the arrival of the Normans who weren’t actually French as they’re often misleadingly represented as but Scandinavians. Scandinavians who were kicked out from their northern European homelands because of their intolerable savagery, were given refuge in Normandy by the incumbent French monarch and like all savage bastards ultimately turned on their French hosts and took over France completely. They did though learn to speak French.

However growing increasingly restless for more power, status, land and of course the sense of adventure that was always foremost in their minds and their blood these Scandinavians who’d resorted to calling themselves Normans decided under their Duke William to invade what was basically a fragmented England and successfully managed to conquer it in 1066. Interestingly enough this was the very first time that the now quite common terminology English came into practice, wrought from a merger of convenience forged between two previous foes the Angles and the Saxons in order to repel the Normans but which was nevertheless terribly unsuccessful militarily. The Angles and Saxons – or the new English – lost dreadfully against the Normans but from a developmental perspective their last was England’s gain. For there’s no doubt at all that the dynamism and drive together with the Normans’ foresight and ambition were what laid the foundation on which an absolute European backwater that England was after the departure of the Romans, led to this off-shore European entity becoming not only a force to be reckoned with European-wise but also saw it subsequently morph into the redoubtable phenomenon that was the British Empire.

All of which had fuck all to do with the Angles or Saxons who were it not for the Normans and with the Black Romans having long departed, left entirely to their own individual or collective devices Britain generally and England specifically wouldn’t have become the unitary state that they are today, and would instead have been massively fragmented into considerably disunited and incessantly warring factions with markedly less influence in the modern context than what Andorra has internationally. So I don’t think much of either the Angles or the Saxons but those who want to claim exclusive biological kith and kinship ties to them and asininely assume that that makes them by doing so the indigenous population of England specifically and Britain per se; my contemptuous response to that is feel free to if that is what turns you on and at the same time imbues you with this farcical sense of racial superiority and exceptionalism that you tend with consummate delusion to bestow on yourselves; but let’s be perfectly frank about all this – delusions have never or won’t ever turn fantasy into reality. Rather crucially though and very PR savvy even for that epoch in which they lived the Normans cleverly threw a political bone to the locals by officially calling their new conquest England and adopted the new expression English for themselves as well.

So it’s utterly ludicrous for a bunch of white Caucasian morons in the 21st Century living in a country with a very chequered and mongrelized past to be claiming homogeneity of England and even Britain by risibly referring to themselves as the indigenous and exclusively authentic residents and the de facto owners of Britain. Notwithstanding of course the glaringly statistical fact that 20th and 21st Century British mums routinely across the board cuckold their husbands, partners, boyfriends and even their lovers to a staggering degree of 36%, getting them to father, financially support and even raise children that they unknowingly and in many cases never find out that they never sired. Yet these are the very people who generally want Britain cleansed of Blacks that were here and carried on being so long before their sort ever set foot on these here British shores.

Curiously enough it’s a similar stance taken by Boris Bey. Who is he I hear you ask? Well it’s none other than Boris Johnson the incumbent Mayor of London and wannabe PM of the UK. Boris for starters wasn’t even born in the UK but New York in the United States of America. His paternal great grandfather was Ali Kemel Bey who was the Interior Minister in the Damat Ferid Pasha government, Pasha in turn being the Grand Vizier of the then Ottoman Empire. So Boris’ roots are very much Turkish as is his conveniently discarded familial name. A marked difference from Black Transatlantic slaves who had theirs forcibly taken from them and were obliged to carry the names given to them and their descendants by white Caucasian plantation owners and other whites who “legally owned” them.

However for purely opportunistic reasons and, of course, well aware that the Ottoman Empire a staunch and military ally of Germany with whom it was jointly waging World War I against Britain and its Empire were in the process of losing that war, Boris’ paternal grandfather along with his sister who was Boris’ great aunt, would you believe, quite intriguingly got themselves recognized as British subjects, which they evidently weren’t. A situation that allowed these two antecedent and particularly close Turkish relatives of Boris to easily and puzzlingly qualify for the very same citizenship that my late Afro-Caribbean great uncle Aubrey together with others of his race from Barbados and elsewhere around the British Caribbean automatically had thrust upon them because they were deemed to be “colonials” of whatever British Caribbean colony they were born in. Interestingly enough though, while they were bravely fighting and dying in the stinking trenches and on the battlefields of Europe for Britain in the war which supposedly was to end all wars, Boris’ Ottoman relatives were the ones along with their German allies that were doing their level best to wipe them out and defeat Britain - and we all know exactly what happened to the combined British and Empire Forces from the colonies in those Godforsaken trenches and on the equally forlorn battlefields of Europe. Thankfully with the assistance of its “colonial” forces Britain won World War 1.

My great uncle Aubrey and the few of his Barbadian colleagues who were fortunate to survive the carnage unleashed on them on Europe’s battlefields where they fought returned at the war’s end to Barbados as did their similarly surviving, fellow Caribbean, World War I contributors to their respective island homes to unfortunately and speedily find themselves completely ignored and entirely forgotten as they still are in 2014 – 100 years after the start of that first World War in which they were all highly admirable and exceedingly remarkable, altruistic volunteers – by successive UK governments including the existing Con-Dem regime, Buckingham Palace and the British Ministry of Defence. Not so however, those from the white Dominions of Australia, Canada and New Zealand; and notwithstanding, of course, that Britain’s own domestic Armed Forces at the time had its own Black components.

In perceptible contrasts however to how those of my own family members together with other brave Afro-Caribbeans that participated in World War I were contemptibly treated afterwards the distinctly Ottoman enemy relatives of Boris were instead awarded with British citizenship, with Boris’ paternal grandfather and that man’s sister and Boris’ great aunt cynically ditching their Turkish surname and all of its associated connotations with World War I and the rest of it and expediently assuming instead the maiden name of their grandmother, which was Johnson; the identical surname that family carries to this day. Yes, I do know that it’s commonplace for Jews in Britain and elsewhere globally and across the Atlantic in the United States and Canada especially to take on anglicized names for a diversity of reasons. Ask Leon Brittan or Michael Howard or perhaps John Kerry why their families did. But the shabby manner in which Black Caribbean World War I veterans were treated after the war ended and their contribution to that war virtually expunged thereafter when set alongside what was rolled out for the Ottoman Bey family of Boris “Johnson” I find absolutely sickening.

Now we have Boris passing himself off as the quintessential Anglo-Saxon Englishman – when he’s nothing of the kind – and his goddam siblings and their entire family tribe doing the same, and all of them collectively and fervently hoping for some means or other to be legally devised where Britain would be completely bereft of Blacks while another Yiddish aspirant, in the form of Boris, marches on without any sense of irony whatsoever, as is these Yiddish folk collective forte, towards his individual quest to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; while the remainder of the white Caucasian assholes who make up the majority of our electorate, in their purblind ignorance ecstatically permit themselves to be cynically manipulated and customarily conned by these Yiddish- Nazi, wholly insufferable and white Caucasian in appearance Zionist Judaists.

How odd that white Brits who per se can rejoice at the likes of Tony Abbott born in England or Julia Gilliard whose parents stem from Wales can aspire to and actually achieve the position of Prime Minister of Australia – something which no Aborigine whose ancestors lived there quite unmolested for in excess of 60,000 (YES SIXTY THOUSAND) years before any white man or woman ever knew of the existence of that place – yet notwithstanding their own so-called kith and kin regularly emigrating there don’t mind that there are no Blacks in the UK’s government or its shadow one. Nor any genuine prospect either of any Black individual ever holding down, and doing so strictly on merit, a key Cabinet post or ever becoming Prime Minister of the UK. And while most of these whites asininely delude themselves that Britain would be better off if fewer or no Blacks at all were in Britain, they none the less see nothing wrong with their so-called kith and kin emigrating to other peoples’ countries and not simply living there but also taking these countries over and running them exclusively for their own bloody benefit and that of other white Caucasians like themselves. Just take a cursory look at Australia’s immigration laws in which the Aborigines play no part and then honestly ask yourselves what race is most likely to be given favourable immigration status to that country and those that won’t be. Yet everyone of these white Caucasian Australian born or immigrant cunts can effortlessly saunter back to the UK or mainland Europe whenever they want to, stay here and no questions asked.

In the British Sunday Post in an article headed “Prescott slams Israel war crimes” the former Deputy Leader of the British Labour Party had this to say: “Israel’s brutally disproportionate and grossly indiscriminate bombardment must be regarded as a war crime.” Honestly adding: “Any other country would be made an international pariah if it acted in the same way. This as the reported death toll from Israel’s offensive now tops over 13,000 killed, the overwhelming majority of the victims being women, children and the elderly.

John Prescott then directly compared the situation in Gaza with a concentration camp, sensibly suggesting, as I’ve repeatedly done in all of my previous articles on Israel, that Europe’s Nazi holocaust should have given the “Israelis a unique sense of perspective and empathy with the victims of a ghetto.” Regrettably not so however, as polls conducted in Israel unambiguously show that some 90% of its Yiddish population has no empathy at all with the native people of Palestine, is most definitely in favour of more genocidal actions against them, and in effect are calling for all Palestinians to be exterminated, as they resolutely carry on rallying behind their Nazi mass butcher and massive war crimes exponent Benjamin Netanyahu actively and militarily assisted by the United States of America, UK and the rest of the EU who’re jointly are also financing these murderous operations conducted by the Israelis.

Condemning Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for trotting out the same excuses ad infinitum Mr Prescott likewise astutely remarked that: “A nation which blasted a hospital, shelled and killed children from a gunboat as they played football on a beach and was responsible for over 1000 deaths, at least 165 of them children in just two weeks, surely it would be branded as a pariah state [and] condemned by the United Nations, the US and the UK. [Furthermore] the calls for regime change would be deafening. But these howls of protest are muted. [And moreover] the condemnation softened. For this is Israel.”

Currently the western world is apoplectic over the downing of Malaysian Flight MH 17 casting blame and vilification at Russia and particularly President Putin with no evidence provided and only bigoted speculation of what caused it to crash. Nick Clegg the current Deputy PM of the UK but who is almost certainly less known of in Britain as the infamous arsonist he also is, and whose affluent parents were able to buy off German officials to prevent him being dispatched off to jail for the destructive arson attack he lawlessly and with consummate feral intent carried out in Germany but in spite of his own criminal penchant likewise bigotedly and recklessly wanted excessively harsh legal punishments to be meted out by the courts to all those whom he suspected of being involved in the 2011 English riots, expressing quite emphatically on Radio Nottingham that he had no empathy whatsoever with “criminals”, a perverse attitude he now just as stupidly projects towards Russia and more explicitly its President, demanding that FIFA strip Russia of hosting the 2018 Football World Cup, yet at the same time has no difficulty at all in cheerfully accommodating and even ardently egging on the barbarities being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Firmly set beside the bizarre detail that this incredibly ludicrous aspirant for Prime Minister of Britain – a particularly laughable concept if ever there was one – and whose close non-British ancestral lineage is significantly more mongrel and diverse in its composition than even that of Turkish Ottoman, Boris Bey-Johnson – Nick Clegg’s own mother after all is Dutch, for Christ sake, making his sprogs by his Spanish and Francoesque wife Miriam Gonzalez de facto even less British than Nick is himself; yet for all that and ironically so as well, this markedly idiotic man wants “immigrants” to be cleared out of Britain, and moreover imbued with that mindset obdurately sees not only indisputably Black Britons like Diane Abbot and Ian Wright as being unwelcomed here but their British born children as well, and in a manner that were anyone to similarly target his and Miriam’s sprogs he’d be the first to be up in arms about that.

But how about this? Nick Clegg as I said earlier deludes himself that he could become PM of Britain. Nothing wrong with that even in abnormal circumstance as ambition is one thing while arrogance is another altogether; and besides with Maggie Thatcher’s government having closed down many of our mental hospitals there has as a direct result of that action been considerably more lunatics than before not only walking the streets of Britain but also even roaming the corridors of power. But what I find specifically more telling about Nick Clegg’s position is that his Spanish wife Miriam Gonzalez who clearly as a white woman and furthermore one married to the Deputy PM of Britain could and most definitely would automatically qualify as a British Citizen or could if she chose to hold dual nationality, like Boris Bey-Johnson has for example, has resolutely stuck to adhering to her birth nationality which is Spanish.

What’s wrong with that I hear you ask? Nothing per se except that by doing so she is ineligible to vote in British General Elections. Now the cynics among us would assert that a wife married to a man who herself doesn’t care about voting for him in elections that could actually catapult him to the highest political office in his country and that he so desperately even if hopelessly so covets, is clearly making a very strong statement. I know what my personal views on that exact matter is; but what you think is really none of my business and is totally up to you. But even so it’s none the less food for thought wouldn’t you say? And if I were a voter, and thank God I’m not, in Nick Clegg’s constituency it’s something I’d be cogitating over.

Another individual that I’ve taken considerable exception to is Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti the erstwhile now makeover Dutch consort of Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and I’m doing so because of what were her obviously contrived tears publicly exhibited when the coffins with the remains of some of the MH17 victims arrived back in the Netherlands. This foolish woman didn’t know any of these people and crying, except in exceptional circumstances that impact on you, is nothing more than self-serving attention seeking in my opinion. However, no such tears though from this Argentinean woman for the Palestinian children or the collective in excess of 1,400 innocent civilians and refugees who have so far been savagely slaughtered by the Israelis amid the active support of their western backers and whose spiralling numbers in terms of their dead continue to rise by the hour.

But why realistically would Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti whose own country Argentina totally eradicated its indigenous population, whose father Jorge Zorreguieta was deeply implicated in the Argentinean military dictatorship and whose husband’s grandfather Bernhard was a Waffen SS Nazi officer want to empathize with the Palestinians or shed tears – contrived or otherwise – for the Gazan dead? Emphatically not the kind of photo-op that she’d like to see her daff mug associated with and copiously plastered either across the Dutch or other bigoted western media in her attention seeking endeavour as was the case with the corpses from MH17.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bootlicker Cameron complicit in US-sanctioned mass murder over East Ukraine

By Stanley Collymore

It’s a common diversionary tactic deeply inculcated and readily employed by every perfidious scoundrel there is, and that includes ingrained bootlickers like Britain’s utterly odious, dismally unaccountable and totally unrepresentative Prime Minister, David Cameron – in his case irredeemably ensconced in the markedly vile, consummately demented, hugely embarrassing for our country and pertinaciously recidivistic sewer politics that he and his Yiddish sort are extremely proficient at – that no one in our country to my knowledge did expressly vote for to hold the office of prime minister, let alone further lumber Britain with the additional burden – as if we don’t already have more than our fair share of those – through David Cameron’s unquestioning obsequiousness to Washington and the Pentagon of Britain being even more of a vassal state than it previously was under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; that the best line of defence, and one of the most effective ways as well to deflect attention away from one’s own criminality or their active participation in that of another person or individuals with whom they’re criminally involved and, of course, hopefully cover their own ass in the process, is to vigorously go on the offensive; even when there’s no noticeable provocation from anyone to do so or apparent justification – other than the wrongdoer’s disquieting sense of guilt as is most perceptible in David Cameron’s case – to warrant such behaviour.

And David Cameron’s over the top, grotesquely emotive: a cynically orchestrated ploy, if ever there was one; ludicrously exaggerated - without a shred of corroborative evidence to support his spurious claims, together with his bellicose and vitriolic verbal offensive against Russia generally and President Putin in particular – even snidely and quite publicly but oh so cowardly at the same time like the Class A villainous nerd that he dementedly is, not having the guts to name anyone specifically – choosing instead to hide behind vague innuendos – among those fellow EU leaders and colleagues of his that he, David “High and Mighty” Cameron, resorts to attacking for allegedly not taking the same strident and virulently demented anti-Putin and anti-Russian but de facto the transparently obsequiously supportive and pro-American stance that he has – clearly says more about David Cameron per se than it actually does about Vladimir Putin.

Moreover, it instantly makes thinking individuals like me curious and naturally prompts us to wonder why it is that this Malaysian airline crash is such an irresistible and irritable bee in David Cameron’s bonnet, and decidedly so in a way that the premeditated and totally indiscriminate shelling and brutal killings sanctioned and encouraged by the US and its EU satrapies and personally authorized by Petro Poroshenko: the west’s brazenly installed puppet satrap, of the predominantly Russian speaking population in Eastern Ukraine, or for that matter the cynical, ongoing and industrial-scale ethnic slaughter of Gazans on a daily basis by the apartheid, colonialist settler regime in Tel Aviv, where in both instances more innocent deaths, principally those of women, children and the elderly, have separately, savagely and systematically been wiped out than what occurred from the Malaysian air crash.

Unless, that is and as I suspect, David Cameron is up to his Yiddish neck – and let’s not forget it was he who boastfully claimed white Caucasian Yiddish ancestry while on an official visit recently to Zionist apartheid Israel – in the dreadful villainy that was perpetrated against that Malaysian passenger airline flying in Eastern Ukrainian airspace and all those who were onboard. Of course if David Cameron, or anyone either connected to or supportive of him, doesn’t like or actually takes offence to what I say – not an iota of which I have any desire or intention of ever retracting and will resolutely stand by come what may – they’re perfectly at liberty to sue me, which I’ll most wholeheartedly welcome, and accordingly are likewise free to get any number of their patronage-placement - rather than ability or integrity directed - unaccountable and high status Establishment judges to oversee the case and thereby vengefully get their own back at me for having had the temerity, as they would see it, to uncompromisingly castigate them and others of their Establishment ilk for their immorally unwholesome and clandestinely criminal way of life.

But do I care? Not on your Nelly; and my contemptuous response to them all will unchangeably be the same as it always was – get stuffed! So make my day and go for it guys and gals! Allowing me the opportunity in a face to face public forum – i.e. the court room – to emphatically and unreservedly tell David Cameron, the rest of you Establishment jerks, your public sycophants and hangers-on what precisely I do think of you all, and afterwards unconcernedly let the loaded dice that you throw fall how it will.

For I shan’t be shaking in my boots, as it were, at this predictable outcome; since, while I know the concept of fear and the impact that it can negatively have on those who allow themselves either to succumb to or be a prisoner of it, I personally and un-exaggeratedly have no dread of it. Neither do I ever worry about my public reputation – particularly when it’s driven by people who don’t know me - or so-called adverse publicity, since from my individual perspective there’s no such thing as good or bad publicity, just publicity per se. Therefore, in terms of uncompromisingly speaking truth to power regardless of the social or physical consequences that may result from my doing so, that’s a non-negotiable precept that even the continuance of my life, were it to be put in mortal danger as a result from my doing so, must and will always be subordinate to.

And what a convenient occurrence – the seemingly mysterious crash of Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 – to take the global spotlight off the Israeli massacres currently going on in Gaza and focus world attention instead where David Cameron and his puppeteers in Washington want it to be, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons have successfully managed to do so – the Ukraine and the concertedly US and British orchestrated worsening western relations vis-à-vis the Russian Federation generally and those with President Putin in particular.

A conspiracy theory? I don’t think so, bearing in mind the well-documented accounts of US and UK false flag operations in the past specifically designed to manipulatively, misinformatively and even erroneously change their respective public and even the wider global opinion on pressing foreign affairs issues and even controversial matter substantially but deceitfully in their favour.

And as I stated previously I honestly think – an opinion I’m holding fast to since I’ve given considerable thought to it – that relative to the circumstances surrounding the Malaysian plane that crashed in East Ukraine, not only is David Cameron knowledgeably in cahoots with his puppet masters in Washington and the Pentagon who I firmly believe ordered the demise of that plane for dogmatic political and commercial business interests, very much aware of why this Malaysian plane was brought down but is also quite culpably as guilty as hell himself in that tragedy.

Since from my own perceptive observations of him and to liberally paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare relative to Cameron’s hysterical lambasting of Vladimir Putin – pure acerbic vitriol coming from someone that ostensibly would like for us to believe that he wasn’t involved, and therefore if he’s really as innocent as he self-righteously makes himself out to be couldn’t possibly have known with any certainty what caused that plane to crash, as no temporary causal inquiry let alone any official and independent investigation has yet been convened or carried out to determine the reason for the plane crashing – conduct that were the Malaysian authorities justifiably and understandably to indulge in as it’s their national airline that’s implicated in this mystery after all but clearly haven’t done so, because they’re behaving in a measured, more mature, responsible and civilized manner than David Cameron, for all his privileged background and posh airs, is manifestly incapable of, leads me to accusatorily conclude that: “Methinks the lad doth protest too much!” Which is always a sure-fire indication and dependable guide of personal guilt. Quad erat demonstrandum!

However, the likely possibility of David Cameron and his lot, just as was the case with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their lot, ending up anytime soon if ever before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague that is itself generically biased and corrupt because it intentionally and exclusively – as it’s noticeably a puppet of the principal western countries and their governments like the United States for example, which by the way isn’t a signatory to the treaty that set up the ICC and resolutely refuses to sign that treaty or become a member of that court and therefore shouldn’t even be playing any part in the ICC’s deliberations yet significantly and quite disproportionally relative even to those countries that are signed up members does so – arraigns and prosecutes only non-white and most specifically Black so-called perpetrators of war crimes or crimes against humanity; but never white Caucasian ones.

And besides Adrian Fulford: the senior British Appeals Court judge secretly cleared of allegations relating to British Establishment paedophilia that occurred on an industrial scale during the 1980s and subsequently in a report whose investigation was carried out by another senior member of the British judiciary, Brian Kerr – how’s that for incestuous conduct? – but whose findings have officially on government diktat not been disclosed, or are they available to the British public, bona fide researchers, investigative journalists, the alleged victims, or anyone else for that matter – and that includes requests under the Freedom of Information Act – no one in fact except for a few select members of David Cameron’s inner Cabal, is himself – Adrian Fulford I’m referring to – an appointed British judge to the ICC. And who put him there? In case you didn’t know, that appointment was made by Tony Blair, the consummate lying mass murderer of modern times, and who is still with disdainful impunity freely at large. And as the Americans are fond of saying, work the maths out for yourselves; as the endemic corruption and mindboggling malfeasance involved and which still goes on in Whitehall and Westminster stink to high heaven! And if you think that these bastards and their counterparts across the Pond in the USA wouldn’t cynically bring down a plane for their own sick and perverse ends and lyingly shift the blame onto others they don’t like, envy or even fear, then think again.

A Malaysian passenger airline crashes on the border between Eastern Ukraine and the Russian Federation – a conflict zone that sensibly airlines eschewed for obvious reasons, yet this Malaysian one didn’t with evidence emerging that it was directed by Ukrainian Air Traffic Control not only to change its planned route but also to descend to a lower altitude than it had earlier been flying at.  Why this was done the Ukrainian authorities have so far not given any explanation for this or why the plane was being shadowed by two Ukrainian Air Force Jets. To date the only factual evidence that there is at hand relative to the doomed plane is that this passenger airline crashed.

Notwithstanding that though the western media and most particularly the British one without any factual corroboration to back up their spurious claims or insinuations but nevertheless churning out what can best be described as their propagandistic finger pointing, have unleashed an onslaught at Russia for being responsible, they say, for shooting down this plane; this without even attempting to find out let alone establish what the truth is.

Hardly surprising, since as far as these so-called western reporters are concerned they’re nothing more than fantasists either too stupid or bone idle to ferret out the facts pertaining to the stories they write or broadcast and are in effect not proper journalist as one would define the term – as it would be a gross calumny to all proper journalists and an unforgivable insult as well to the intelligence of every thinking person, especially in a media era that’s significantly mimicked, inculcated and slavishly followed by our own here in Britain and the rest of Europe, in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s ruling that media operatives are quite legally entitled not only to grossly distort but also make up the news; in other words fabricate and manufacture it to their hearts’ content if they so wish.

And being the consummate stenographers that most of them are, and that includes their British counterparts, that’s precisely what they do. Therefore with their paranoia about Russia along with their inbuilt hatred based on their fear of President Vladimir Putin our stenographers have accordingly and unsurprisingly wildly given full vent to their prejudices; and consequently as far as they’re all concerned he is the culprit directly behind and therefore utterly responsible this Malaysian airline crash; or more significant from their point of view as well its shooting down.

But hang on a minute – Cui Bono? Who actually benefits in this western propaganda war vis-à-vis Ukraine, where the Malaysian plane just conveniently happened to crash, if the plane was really shot down? Certainly not Russia or President Putin particularly. And let’s not forget that the United States has an extensive track record as well as proven form in the premeditated and politically motivated shooting down with the attendant loss of life of all those on board relative passenger airlines; and it doesn’t just stop there. As these highly criminal decisions on the part of the United States together with numerous false flag operations in the process and worst still with the subsequent blame for what the US did dishonestly and quite barefacedly shunted onto the shoulders of others that had nothing at all to do with these murderous activities stem from the very top of the US political and military power structure. And here are just a few examples of precisely what I mean.

A scheduled Cubana Flight 455 flying from Barbados to Jamaica in October 1976 and with a number of Barbadian students returning to their medical training courses at the University of the West Indie blown out of the sky off the coast of Barbados and shortly after the aircraft had taken off from Grantley Adams International Airport on the island; everyone on board killed. Luis Poseda Carriles a CIA operative was responsible for this massacre. Quite cockily he even openly boasted of this and several of his other murderous exploits but was nevertheless freely and openly allowed, with the protection of the US government, to live in Florida.

Scheduled Iranian passenger Flight 655 savagely shot down over the Strait of Hormuz on the 3 July 1988 by the United States warship USS Vincennes that was illegally operating in Iranian waters and from where it fired its missile that brought down that plane. The ship’s captain who knew that the plane was a civilian passenger airline, as its intercepted and listened to broadcast frequencies to the air traffic controls that it was routinely in touch with unmistakably indicated that it was a civilian plane, nevertheless evidently acting on orders sadistically went ahead and shot it down killing all 290 passengers and crew, among whom were several children. Later in grateful appreciation by the Pentagon for what he did the Vincennes captain was promoted and honoured, as were the members of his crew.

Operation Northwoods - In 1962 the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff desperately wanted to invade Fidel Castro’s Cuba so they devised a shocking plan to deliberately stage terror attacks, bomb American ships and sabotage others; have “friendly” Cubans invade Guantanamo Bay, fake a shoot down of a civilian airline, sink a boatload of Cuban refugees heading for the USA and additionally fake the shoot down of a US fighter jet – all of which would be falsely blamed on Cuba so as to justify an American invasion of that Caribbean island. And it didn’t matter in the least to these sick Pentagon psychos how many thousands of Americans and Cubans would have dies had President Kennedy authorised the plan.

Allied false flags that were associated with Operation Northwoods were: Operation Mongoose; Operation Bingo; Operation Dirty Trick: this was to blame Fidel Castro and Cuba – like the US and the Pentagon are now doing with President Vladimir Putin and Russia over the Malaysian plane – if the 1962 US Mercury manned space flight carrying John Glenn crashed. Déjà vu or what? The wording of that sinister plot read: “The objective is to provide irrevocable proof that should the Mercury manned orbit fail, the fault lies with the communists [in Cuba] et al. This is to be accomplished by manufacturing various pieces of evidence which would prove electronic interference on the part of the Cubans.”

Even after General Lemnitzer had lost his job as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff the other Joint Chiefs of Staff still blithely carried on planning false flag pretext operations. One of these abhorrent suggestions included covert attacks on Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago and falsely blaming these on Cuba. As members of the Commonwealth these attacks on Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago - also OAS members - the sick perpetrators of these plots went on could be used to incite the people of the UK into supporting an all out war against Fidel Castro and Cuba. Well, it’s obvious that vis-à-vis David Cameron’s Britain in 2014 as similarly occurred in 2003 under Tony Blair nothing has changed. And there’s more of this sort of thing on the part of the USA and its vassal states, notably the United Kingdom. Therefore one shouldn’t be that surprised in view of the above and much more besides that the recent and seemingly inexplicable downing - well they would say that wouldn’t they? - of the Malaysian passenger plane fits quite well into the US’s category of false flag operations.

Furthermore, Ukraine is absolutely fertile territory for the United States to carry out such false flag operations with utter impunity and then rather dishonestly as it has repeatedly done in the past blame them on others, since apart from having a comprehensive and unquestioning control of the puppet government of hardcore and loathsome Nazis in Kiev, the authorities there aren’t against embarking on some likeminded and freelance, false flag operations of their own. For in 2001 a Russian passenger airline travelling from Tel Aviv in Israel to Moscow was shot down by the Ukrainian military; yet in spite of independent air crash investigators having decisively concluded that the Ukrainians were at fault the Kiev authorities and the military still refused to accept that they had anything to do with the downing of that plane. So why should anyone trust then now relative to the downing of the Malaysian passenger plane lost over East Ukraine; an area where the Kiev authorities have been quite indiscriminately shelling civilian areas as well as sadistically killing its own citizens? So here’s my gut feeling about what has most probably occurred relative to this Malaysian passenger airline.

The United States just recently imposed a new batch of sanctions against Russia, sanctions that corporate businesses in the European Union together with some governments there as well and even several corporations in the United States that have lucrative business ties with Russia and don’t want and are therefore dead set against, as they rather sensibly know that these sanctions will be quite damaging to their business interests in the shot, medium and long-term; yet for all that the incumbent US administration, Congress, the Zionist-Nazi neocons of the likes of John McCain and Victoria Nuland, an entrenched fascist US State Department – nothing at all new there – and quite significantly the Military Industrial Complex, together with the rabid career warmongers in the Pentagon – all of them for purely dogmatic political reasons but who were skilfully outmanoeuvred by Russia and the Crimean people and consequently had their prime hopes of corralling not only Ukraine itself but also the prized asset of Crimea into the fold of the NARSISIES, only to have these humiliatingly and permanently dashed with the Crimean peoples’ wish to return home to Russia.

A situation made even worst for these regime change jerks when the people of Eastern Ukraine in the wake of the west’s instigated putsch in Kiev decided that they no longer wanted a unitary Ukraine in which they were considerably and intentionally marginalized but if expected to stay in an kind of association with Ukraine at all, then this had to be one where they had far greater autonomy over their lives, future and their land and doing so within the legalized and binding fabric of a federal Ukraine, take or leave it situation, and most definitely not the unsatisfactory unitary state from which they are comprehensively shut out. Naturally this hasn’t gone down at all well with the United States and its subordinate vassal EU states whose so-called leaders like the feckless, feral and highly immature purported adults that they are but who quite obviously haven’t grown up, in vengeful response are persistently and rather idiotically doing everything that they possibly can - including committing mass murder, in addition to what they’ve already been sanctioning their obsequious placement man Petro Poroshenko to do against the people of Eastern Ukraine – to not only punish Russia but also inconvenience it globally as much as they can.

So with stubborn home-grown as well as European Union opposition to the new round of US sanctions against Russia quite evident in the White House, the US unwilling to back down for fear of losing face in the west and globally as well – as if anyone other than the US its vassal states like the UK and satrapies really gives a toss about that -  had to do something to rein in this aforesaid opposition and also spectacularly embark on an enterprise to jolt the attention of the rest of the world, grab the news headlines and simultaneously drag the USA’s EU vassal states very reluctant to go along with these new sanctions against Russia, on purely commercial grounds, fully onboard. And what better way with its huge expertise and past form in blowing up passenger airline s out of the sky than for the US, employing and implementing a carefully orchestrated and utterly malign false flag, to achieve its sick political and propagandistic goals.

We already know that apart from its ever loyal and utterly unprincipled Blackwater killers the United States has other western mercenaries and equally sadistic murderers operating freely in the Ukraine in addition to the barbarous home-grown, Ukrainian Nazis they’re also regularly using to create mayhem in Ukraine, just as the ironically and self-righteously referred to Land of the Free and Home of the Brave has customarily done elsewhere and even on an industrial scale globally, and still carries on doing.

Non-white lives let alone the lost of them altogether anywhere, even at home in the US, don’t matter to the decision makers in Washington or the Pentagon; however white Caucasian ones do immeasurably. So what better way to let loose the western media dogs of war - particularly those located in the Rupert Murdoch’s pooch-house and correspondingly the so-called liberal media organs like the equally despicable Guardian and Independent newspapers – than to at the same time manipulate an easily manipulative and largely gullible western and particularly US and British public by premeditatedly, sickeningly and quite loathsomely sacrificing the lives of a number of white Caucasians on a passenger airline flying from a western destination, across Eastern Ukraine  and next to the Russian border. Then intentionally, lyingly and vociferously attributing the plane’s explosive crash to be the result of its downing by a sophisticated surface to air missile fired either by the Russians or their alleged Ukrainian separatist surrogates at the specific behest of President Putin.

That effectively done, then gleefully watch as the attendant hostility and opprobrium generated among westerners and even elsewhere across the globe that this strident, vitriolic and concerted propaganda campaign by the western media has fulsomely engendered and actively encouraged do their dirty work for them. Principally by being a rather sure-fire way to manipulatively whip up anti-Russian sentiment especially in the west, and force unenthusiastic US European Union vassal states to immediately rescind their earlier opposition to the latest round of United States sanctions against Russia and in return enthusiastically jump on board that specific but up until then moribund US bandwagon.

And a clear give-away that the downing of that Malaysian plane was a calculated and last-ditch United States instigation to quite decisively swing matters in its favour, is the break-neck speed that David Cameron – fast developing into a complicit mass murderer and quite embarrassingly as well an equally obsequious asshole to everything USA, as Tony Blair evidently was and still is – hurriedly convened COBRA, which was specifically set up and is only tasked to deal with genuine threats to the UK’s national security.

So how the fuck then does the evidently tragic loss, but nevertheless in assumed circumstances which as yet presumably nobody knows for sure what really happened that caused that aircraft to crash, of a Malaysian passenger airline routinely flying over some other state’s airspace and literally thousands of miles away from the UK fit, even tenuously, into the category of being a dire threat to Britain’s national security to warrant David Cameron convening and emergency session of COBRA and actually chairing that meeting himself? Sure beats the hell out of me in terms of crass and consummate illogicality and puzzlement I must say; unless, that is, there is something that David is party or privy to which the rest of us mere citizens don’t know.

So the way that I see it there can only be one of two possible reasons for David Cameron acting in this way. The first is that he’s globally grandstanding – nothing new in that regard where our PM is concerned as like every post World War II, UK prime minister he preposterously likes to push above his weight – while intentionally at the same time pouring fuel onto the anti-Russian conflagration flaring up in the west. The second and most likely reason, if indeed the plane was shot down, is that David Cameron – who like all British prime ministers again post World War II have been physically joined like inseparable twins at the hip relative to most things USA but particularly that country’s ghastly foreign policies – is a complicit mass murderer who with the Americans is deeply implicated in this completely loathsome, pro-American and intentionally carried out catastrophe; and like all those who’re culpable of serious criminal activities is now essaying to deflect attention away from himself by calculatingly covering his criminal ass. And in my straightforward opinion that’s where the real investigation, and most particularly so from a British perspective since David Cameron is our Prime Minister, should start.

And do I believe that David Cameron is culpable in relation to the downing of this Malaysian passenger aircraft? Yes! I most certainly do, as his abject fawning to the United States makes him ideal for the task. Just as Tony Blair was similarly, deeply and complicitly involved with the Americans as well in their joint and felonious saga which took Britain illegally into a war with Iraq and led to its subsequent invasion of that country in 2003.

Now if you can come up with a more convincing or logical explanation than my own for David Cameron’s non-involvement in that Malaysian plane crash I’d certainly like to hear it; but it’ll have to be exceptionally good to sway me to your point of view. Because simply taking at face value the well-established and notorious pattern of empty words coming from known criminal western leaders, their governments, legislators, the present day crop of sociopathic and utterly warmongering military top brass, or the sycophantic lapdog media assholes that suck up to all of them and unchecked practically verbatim report everything they say to them as the Gospel truth puts you squarely, I believe, in the same bracket as these people.

Individuals that see nothing wrong in the least in happily abusing even the likes of you for their own perverse ends by contemptuously, for example, grossly invading at will your privacy then when they’re caught out and exposed for doing so incredibly brass neck and quite risibly in the process successfully persuade you that they’re doing you a great big favour by acting this way, as it’s all being done in the name of national security and for your own personal protection; so you’ve nothing to worry about. And you fall for it hook line and sinker every time just as they know you will. What brainless chumps you are! Unable even to see that the tragic downing of that Malaysian passenger flight with the deaths of all on board is just the latest example among many others of these sorts of dastardly acts that their sick perpetrators treat like a violent video game and together with their supine supporters cynically brand as politics.